Best Smoker Under 100 in 2022

Best Smoker Under 100: Are you looking for the best smoker that comes within your budget. Then you are in the right place. Because today we are going to review the top-listed smoker that gives you more features and options on a low budget. Well, everyone wants a great smoker for their family members and also when you plant for friends gathering then you need a smoker.

There are lots of smokers and grills available in the market. But it’s difficult for you to find the best smoker within your budget. Now we will bring the best smokers for you that give you great features. This list was created after getting a depth review. You will get all the specifications, pros, and cons that help you to decide the best for you.

Here is the List of Best Smoker Under 100:

#Best Smoker Under 100Price
1Cuisinart COS-116 Check Price
2ACWARM HOME Check Price
3Realcook Charcoal Vertical Smoker Grill Check Price
4Nordic Ware Check Price
5Masterbuilt MB20100112 Check Price

1. Cuisinart COS-116

Cuisinart COS-116

Cuisinart COS 116 is an amazing vertical small smoekr. This is a compact size smoker that gives you grilling and cooking your favorite food option. If you want to buy a small smoker that gives you grilling and cooking features then you need to consider this amazing smoker under 100. This smoker gives you a small door with a cool handle.

That you can easily use to open the smoker without burning your hand. Because some smokers give you heating features with a steel door. But when you touch the door handle then it’s burning that’s why people must need a could handle door for their smokers. It will convert into three pieces at the very end piece.

That gives you the option to add wood init and the second upper portion allows you to add your favorite food or meat on it. And the final piece gives you an in-build temperature gauge. This temperature gauge helps you to know the internal temperature of your smoker.

Now you can easily get the internal temperature of your smoker using a gauge that allows. It will give you two 16 inches stainless steel racks to cook 402 SQ inches of space food at one time without any problem. You will also get a water bowl in this smoker and top-bottom vents for the air circulation system.

This is a verticle charcoal smoker that gives you small grilling and smoking features. Now you can easily grill your favorite food in this smoker easy and fast.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Charcoal Smoker.
  • Steel Water Bowl.
  • 402 SQ inches of food space.
  • Small size easy to use and carry.
  • Paint quality is not good junk in the food.



ACWARM HOME is an amazing portable smoker that gives you a handle to carry like a bag. This is a small Charcoal Grill and BBQ smoker for all users who want a small smoker to use at their house without any problem. This is a travel grill option for you to carry this smoekr with your anywhere.

In this smoker, you will get 140 sq inches of food space to grill. The charcoal grill is compact and lightweight perfect for outdoor camping. Because now you can easily carry this small smoekr with you. Two vents on both sides and a small chimney on the top of the BBQ grill.

That helps to remove the smoke and gives you delicious food with amazing taste. This smoker gives you smooth airflow to control internal air and get smooth and delicious meat every time. If you have a small family then it’s the perfect option for you to bring and get the better option every day using a small grill.

It will give you a handle on the top to remove the lid also you can easily lock the top lid and carry anywhere using the top handle. Safe design is fully covered with amazing color and design. If you want the most efficient popular & reliable electric smoker for under $100.

Then you can easily consider this but this gives you a charcoal option to grill your food.

  • Charcoal smoker.
  • 140 SQ inches of food space.
  • Chemin on the top for airflow.
  • Too small not for a big family.

3. RealCook Charcoal Vertical Smoker Grill

RealCook Charcoal Vertical Smoker Grill

Realcook vertical 17-inch steel smoker that gives you a food grilling option this is a heavy-duty smoker for BBQ and outdoor grilling and cooking. If you want to make your favorite food or meal for that day then you can easily do that using this amazing grill. In this smoker, you will get a temperature gauge.

That helps you to understand the best temperature on the inside of this smoekr. So, when you want to remove the food then you can easily check the temperature. Now you don’t need to check the temperature again and again by opening the door. Because you will get all the detailed information on the door.

This smoker gives you 2 pieces I cooking grids that provide you total space of 453 sq inches. If you want a bigger smoker that gives you more smoking food options. Then this might be the best option for you that give you higher space to grill more food at one time. This smoker is perfect for bigger family members.

Now you can easily use this smoker for different purposes like smoking, grilling steams, baking, braising, and roasting. This gives you a huge flexible space with multiple functions to cook your food faster and easier.

  • Easy to Use.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Two barbecue grills.
  • 453 sq Inches of Food Space.
  • List Element.

4. Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware 36556

This is a small smoker that allows you to start grilling and cooking your favorite food. This is a stovetop kettle smoker and a mini grill. if you want a small smoker that you can easily carry anywhere and grill using charcoal then this is the best option for you. This amazing smoker gives you 6-7/8 by 13-1/2 inches not cook on high heat.

In this smoekr, you will get the temperature of 190 to 210digees F. That makes slow food for you. If you want a small food grilling smoker then this is the best option for you that gives you low flame quick cooking feature. Take all components out of the base. You can easily place water drip try under the smoke if you want.

  • 190 to 210 Degrees F.
  • Small Size easy to carry.
  • Slow Grilling Feature for proper cooking.
  • The temperature is very low.

5. Masterbuilt MB20100112

Masterbuilt MB20100112

Masterbuilt is an amazing brand that makes the best smokers. Now you will get the high-quality smoker MB20100112. This is a new version of the Masterbuilt brand that gives you a slow and cold smoking feature. You can easily grill your favorite meal using this amazing smoker.

In this smoker, you will get 275F host and cold smoking options continuously. If you are finding the best electric smoker for under 100 dollars. Then this might be the choice that gives you a higher temperature grilling option. It will give you four grills to put your food in it and make delicious food daily. The fuel type that this smoekr used is electric.

So, if you want to start grilling delicious food then you need to connect this with electricity. Because without electricity you can’t make food on this smoker, Whenever you go out of town or travel anywhere you need to carry generator separately with this smoekr to grill food.

But on the other hand, it’s quickly grilled and gives you a large space for food grilling. This smoker gives you a new feature that you never get with some premium smokers. Like now you can easily grill anything for 6 hours continuously without reloading wood into the smoker.

  • FRY, Boil, or Steam.
  • 6 Hours grill continuously.
  • 275F Temperature hot and cold.
  • The paint quality is not good.

Buying Guide of The Best Smoker Under 100:

There are a lot of features that you need to know about smokers. Now the rear lets of smokers give you features of higher heating. There are lots of smoker grills are available in the market. But we will bring the best smokers for you for under 100 dollars. That gives you all the important features.

Now we will give you some important information that you need to know about your smoker. You must need to know all the features and options in your smoker. Also, you will get the best smoker on the list that gives you higher temperature and size that make a better delicious meal for your family.


Size is the most important thing for you. Because if you have a small family like two to three people in your family. Then you need to get the smaller smoker because that gives you higher features and quick grilling options without any problem. That gives you a small food capacity to add food for your family.

But if you have a big family then you need to buy a bigger smoker. Why? because that gives you a large space to add more food init. That large smoekr gives you more features and higher food capacity in one time you can easily grill more food. Then the normal small smokers.


Temperature is one more interesting thing for your smoker. If you want a quick grill or make food quickly for your family or guests. Then you need to buy a higher temperature smoker that gives you quick grilling features. But sometimes when you grill quickly the meat is not fully cooked from the inside.

So, that’s why most people buy the best smoker that gives you both options higher temperature and low temperature. You can easily buy the low-temperature smoekr that gives you a better smoking feature. But we suggest buying the smoker that gives you 190 to 250 F degrees temperature control that gives you a better grilling option.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do some users have questions about the Best Smoker Under 100? Then we will give you answers to all of your important and most asked questions. We hope you will get all answers below that you need to get the best decision.

How do I choose the best smoker?

It all depends on your requirements. But we also create a list of smoekr on our site that give you best idea which one you should buy. As you know everyone has different requirements. Like someone needs a small smoker for a few numbers family. But on the other hand, someone needs a large smoekr for a bigger family. So, you need to check your requirement that matches with any smoekr and then buy that smoker.

What is the best smoker for the best price?

Well, there are lots of amazing smokers available in the market but you need to find the best one that gives you all the latest features and options. The best smoker in this like under 100 dollars price tag is Masterbuilt MB20100112. This smoker gives you a higher feature and large food space.

Best Smoker Under 100-Conclusion

We will give you all the information about the best smoekr under 100 dollars. We hope you like this information and it’s easy for you to select the best option for your and your family. IF you have any problem picking the best smoker grill. Then you can easily comment to us we will help you to get the best design and bring the best smoke into your house.

If you need our suggestion then the best smoker that gives you large space and a well-known brand is Masterbuilt MB20100112. That gives you higher features and temperatures to grill your food with different options like the grill, bake, smoke, and more.

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