Can I Use Pellets in Electric Smoker

Can I Use Pellets in Electric Smoker: Well, an electric smoker is an amazing tool that gives you an easy meat-smoking option and is more convenient than other smokers. If you are bigger than everyone recommends you buy an electric smoker. Because that is very easy to use and make your food.

Now we come to the main question that you need to know and the simple answer is Yes! pellets can be used in electric smokers without any problem. Well, that is the best wood choice that you ever have for your smoker. But you need to know how you can use them and which are the best pellets for electric smokers.

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Which is Best Wood Chips Vs Pellets

When you think you need to start grilling anything on an electric smoker. Then two main wood choices come to your mind and are also available in the market you need to buy wood chips and pellets. Well, both kinds of wood are great and give your amazing naturally smoky flavor and both are inexpensive and you can easily buy.

But there are some differences between both kinds of wood that you need to know one by one.

Wood Chips

First of all talk about wood chips this wood is made from hardwood. The hardwood is cut into small shells or even like chips small pieces. The size of these chips is one inch or maybe two inches.

wood chips

Wood Chips Pros

  • Chips wood is known as a burner faster than pellets.
  • Great wood flavor and produce a slightly better smoke.
  • Need extra time when you soak to ensure a long smoke.
  • Chips are available in different types like oak, hickory, pecan, mesquite, and cherry.


They are also made from hardwood but they are ground into fine sawdust packed into small cylindrical-shaped pellets that you will see in the picture. Pellets are more flavored with great smoking options.


Pellets Pros

  • Use in hot and cold smoking.
  • Great smoke flavor as you will get in wood chips.
  • You can increase the temperature without any problem.
  • Slow heat temperature control feature you can use in pellets.
  • Also Available in different flavors like Oak, Bourbon, Hickory, and Apple.

Can I Use Pellets in Electric Smoker

There are lots of electric smokers that recommend you use wood chips. Because they can easily burn in the electric smokers and give you great flavor. But when you talk about pellet wood for an electric smoker. Then you need to know if your smoker support pellets then you need to use them. If you have questions like can you use or put any wood pellets in a pit boss of a smoker.

Then normally people say yes you can use pellets in a smoker. But electric smoker brands recommend you to use wood chips. If you don’t have an option you only have pellets in your home. Then you can use pellets easily they do not give you any problem. But also you need to guide which is the best pellets for your smoker that do not affect your smoker.

Best Pellets Brand

Not all pellets are created the same there are lots of different pellets that are available for you that you ane easily pick after reading this information about pellets. Best pellets play a great role in your smoker when you start grilling your food. So, you need to pick the best option for your smoker that you use whenever you want. Well, you need to pick some branded pellets that give you reliability and 100% satisfaction to use without any problem.

There are some advanced pellets brands available in the market that you can easily find out and get for your smoker. Now the famous brands for pellets are Cookin Pellets, Traeger, BBQrs Delight, and Louisianna Grills. is the best option for you to pick the pellets. You also check the flavors that you like just like apples and more are available in the market. If you don’t find these pellets if the market you can easily find them on amazon.

Can You Use Pellets in a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

If you have Masterbuilt electric smoker then it’s great because this is an amazing brand of smoker that gives you different smokers to start grilling. But when you talk about pellets then we don’t suggest you use them in a Masterbuilt smoker. Because they are cold smokers and give you advanced smoking features. If you want to start smoking in this brand smoker then you need to use wood chips or chunks.

But if you have only pellets at your home and don’t have any other option then you can use pellets. Pellets are not recommended but you can easily use them without any problem because they do not give you any problem grilling your meal.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do some users have questions about the Can I Use Pellets in Electric Smoker? Then we will give you answers to all of your important and most asked questions. We hope you will get all answers below.

Can pellets be used in any smoker?

If you use Hardwood then you can easily use pellets in any smoker without any problem. But you need to check the detail that you will get in the smoker guidebook.

Can you use pellets instead of wood chips?

Well, there are some options to use if you need a long time burning wood then pellets are the best option for you because they are more helpful for you to use for a long time without any problem. But if you need easily burned wood then you need to use chips wood. That time you need chips wood and make your delicious food easily and quickly.


As you know you can easily use pellets in a smoker without any problem. It’s very similar as you can use wood chips in your smoker. The making thing is smokers always need wood-like pellets, chips, or chunks. If you can easily buy then you need to use wood chips for your electric smokers.

Your smoker doesn’t have a problem with any wood so, you can easily as per your availability. If you have any other questions regarding smokers then you need to comment below we love to help you.

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