Electric vs Propane Smoker: Which is Better? (2022)

Electric vs Propane Smoker: If you want to find out the best smoker you should buy between electric and propane. Then this detailed information and review help you a lot to find the best smoker for you. There are lots of people who are willing to buy a new smoker for grilling food or meat for their family.

If you love large gatherings then a smoker is the best option for you that gives you an easy food grilling option. In this guide, we will share all information about both smokers. How you can find the best one? You just need to read the pros and cons. That very much helps you to find the best option for you.

Electric Smoker Overview

As you know electric smoker cooks your food using heat-producing electricity. And this is very easy to use for all users. If you are a beginner then everyone recommends, you should buy this Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. Because there are vents that help to control the temperature and the bulk of work is completed by the heating elements.

Best Electric Smoker:

Keep in mind that you do need to allow some time for the heating element to fully heat up and then you can start cooking on an electric smoker. If you want to get the smoke taste in your food then you can easily add wood chips to your electric smoker. If you don’t know both smokers need electricity to turn on and control the temperature using a digital temperature gauge.

Here are some pros and cons that help you to find out which is giving you more options and features that you never get in others.


  • It will give you Temperature control that is very easy for you to use.
  • Digital meter that helps you to allow temperature adjustment to higher and lower
  • When you buy some cheaper electric smoker models then you can’t get basis settings.
  • Easy to use and also very convenient to move all around the house.
  • Electric smokers are very safe to use for all users if you are a beginner then this is for you.
  • Verity of options to start cooking your food like charcoal, wood chips, and electricity.
  • You can convert into a cold smoker with ease.
  • Well, suitable to make or cook different types of food.


  • In an electric smoker, you can’t expect to get higher heat.
  • You need to place on an exact place where the power outlet is available.
  • When you place outside like for vacation. Then you need a generator for power to the smoker.
  • You can smoker wood for the only flavor it will not burn hot enough to relate the chemicals which are required to make food.
  • Repeating is a bit challenging and expensive because of the higher-tech gadget used by smokers.

Here is the best electric smoker guide that helps you to find the best option for you. Before taking design you need to read the detailed information about Propane smokers. which helps you to make a better design. Electric vs Propane smoker fuel costs of grill and reviews on Reddit.

Propane Smoker Overview

If you don’t know propane smokers use propane tanks as the heating source. But few smokers use natural gas for heating. You have more controls to adjust the heat as you can crank up the gas and get a higher temperature. Well, if you have a propane smoker then you need to know these smokers can take the higher temperature very fast.

Best Propane Smoker:

In this smoker, you will get a gas burner at the bottom with a shelf that allows you to add wood chips to get the smoke flavor. If you don’t know this is a replica of a charcoal smoker. Both give you the real cooking feature like cooking baking food and much more. Well, gas smokers are normally used for commercial use like restaurants and hotels.


  • You can easily carry this smoker with you anywhere don’t worry about power outlets.
  • These smokers are not complicated as electric smokers.
  • When some parts are broken you can easily be repaid and bought at a cheap price on the market.
  • If you don’t have power then you can easily use this gas.
  • These smokers cost you a very low cheaper price than the electric city.


  • Some budget models of propane required you to sit and maintain the temperature.
  • These smokers produce more heat and are not well insulated.
  • Propane is very effective in cold and windy weather conditions.
  • Only a few higher smokers give you Bluetooth connectivity.

Well, if you are an experience cooking expert then we recommend you Pro pens smoker to use. Because in these smokers you will get higher features and options that you never get any other smoker.

Which is Better Electric vs Propane Smoker

Now it’s time to choose between both Electric and Propane smokers. But you need to know the cost and reliability that help you to get the best option. That it makes easier for you to decide on one of them. Both allow you to grill different types of foods like fish, meat, BBQ, and more options for you.

If you want more options like BBQ, backing, Grilling, and more then an electric smoker might be tricky. You will get more taste in both smokers type when you use wood chips in your smoker. Now we will discuss some important information that help you to find the best one.

Ease Of Use:

Well, both smoker types are very similar and easy to use. When you set the temperature you can pretty much get the same temperature on both smokers. Both give you reloading wood chips option to get smoke flavor when you use wood chips.

You will get an easier way to smoke because with the addition of a wood treat like on Masterbuilt electric smoker provide you. If you know that pellet smokers pellets for one smoker.

Taste of Food:

Food taste is an important and highly subjective topic for almost every user because users don’t like it. Electric smokers make delicious food. But when you use wood pellets or charcoal in a gas smoker you will get more delicious food. The making factor that you need to know is when you grill any food on wood.

Then you will get amazing taste and real taste. But on artificial things like gas or electric city then you don’t get the high-quality taste. And Propane smokers allow you to use wood chips or charcoal without any problem.


When we talk about a reliable product that you need to use. Then we need to know about both smokers. Electric smokers are made with great material, easy to control, and also very reliable. You can easily use these smokers when you apply power.

On the other hand, Gas smokers are less reliable because of their low build quality. But also when it does go wrong a gas grill may be easier to fix. They take less effort and amount top repaid whenever you got any problem with gas smokers.


Which cost is low? The simple answer to this question is a gas smoker is usually very chapter than an electric smoker. You will get more cheapest quality gas smokers but you need to check the affordability of those cheap smokers.

But on the other hand, if you want Bluetooth connectivity and online temperature control features then you might be right thinking about high-level propane smokers. But it also depends on the area because sometimes you will get a low-price electric smoker with the same features.

Bad Weather Considerations:

Well, if you have four kinds of weather in your country then it might be difficult for you to pick one of them. But now we will make this easier for you. How? It’s very easy to know the best smoker type. When you get the bad weather condition in your area you got problems with electricity and water.

At that time you think that you will get the feel-free smoker to use. And when you have an electric smoker then you have problems with electricity or even water problems because electric smokers are not insulated.

But if you want to insulate them you can easily do that using the insulation process that we already give you. Now you have only one option and that is gas smokers. You can use them without any concern. Windy or cold weather can affect the internal temperature.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do some users have questions about Electric vs Propane Smoker? Then we will give you answers to all of your important and most asked questions. We hope you will get all answers below that you need to get the best decision.

Is electric or propane better for a smoker?

Well, it depends on your choice and needs if you need a quick grilling feature that you can easily use and place your smoker in one place and grill and if you are a beginner then an Electric smoker is best for you. But if you like more features use outdoor and smoke flavor then a Propane smoker is the best option for you.

How long will a 20lb propane tank last on a smoker?

Normally it depends on the temperature but if you can use a medium temperature then 20 pounds of propane tank take 18 to 20 hours smoker.

Electric vs Propane Smoker-Conclusion

Well, here is all the information about both smokers. We hope you like all the information and review about both Electric and Propane smokers. If you still struggling with which one you should buy then you need to make a design. Because we will give you all the detailed information in this article.

As the normal suggestion is that an Electric smoker is best for you if you are a beginner and first time to buy. Because it’s very easy to use and control temperature. You don’t need to check it again and again just put your food in and start grilling without any problem.

But if you are pro-level then we diffidently recommend you the Propane smoker. That give you higher features and options you can also place these smokers outside in different weather condition.

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