How Do You Get Rust off a Commercial Griddle?

How Do You Get Rust off a Commercial Griddle: If you are using a commercial griddle to make delicious food. Then you need to maintain and clean it properly. This type of griddle is used in restaurants, eateries, steakhouses, and also in coffee shops.

If you need a cooking device that can handle large amounts of food then the commercial griddle is the best option for you.

This is an important thing for your kitchen when you want to start grilling delicious bites of burgers and sandwiches for your family members. Also in this griddle, you will get a flat surface where you can easily put food and grill without any problem.

How Do You Get Rust off a Commercial Griddle?

There is a simple method that helps you to remove the rust from the commercial griddle. You just need to do is use some required things that we will share with you. So, you need to apply one by one and clear all the rust from the griddle. You need to heat the griddle and scrub the rust from the flat surface. Use mettle wire to scrub the rust from your commercial griddle. Before going further you need to know how your griddle gets rust.

What Makes A Commercial Griddle To Rust?

Now the first thing that you need to know is what makes your griddle rusty. So, they are made out of heavy-duty gauge steel. The flat-top that forms the cooking surface is usually made with different materials such as carbon steel stainless steel and also with cast iron. So, as you show the cast iron gets rusted very easily.

These materials are good as heat conductors that allow you to start the heat. All the metals are produced heat evenly to ensure your food cooks perfectly from all sides. Metal allows that contains iron does not withstand oxidation very well. The iron comes with nonstick layers.

So, when you don’t use any stick to remove the food from the griddle. Then you know you will get rust on the griddle. But sometimes when you use to remove the food mostly in meat cases.

When you cook meat on the griddle then you need to remove it from that surface. After removing it you will get some rust on the griddle flat surface. Why? because you are using that surface to grill your food or meat.

Is It Safe To Use A Rusty Commercial Griddle?

Well, this is an important question that comes to many people’s minds. Well, if you are operating a restaurant or cafe or any commercial shop. Where you use a commercial griddle it must be your responsibility to clean the griddle. Your customers don’t feel anything rusty on the food. But the taste of this food will be conspicuous.

As everyone knows that rust is unsafe when you keep clean it and cafe of your customers you will get more customers. There are lots of health problems and devices that accrue because of rusty food. The rusty surface is also not good when you are cooking your food on it.

Best Commercial Griddle:

Sometimes it will overcook your food and burn. When you don’t clean a rusty griddle for a long time. (It’s not possible but maybe.) Then you need to replace your griddle grill because it will not provide you ample heat to make your food because of its rusty surface. We strongly suggest you keep clean the griddle flat surface whenever you cook food.

Guide To Clean Rust Off A Commercial Griddle

Now here are some steps that you need to know before cleaning the rusty griddle. We need to prepare some important things for cleaning the griddle flat surface. Because that helps you to clean properly and clean all the rust. It’s difficult to remove rust from the griddle but we help you to do that.

1. Heating the Griddle

When you want to start cleaning your griddle the first thing that you need to do is. Start heating the griddle for about 20 minutes. This method helps you to get the broken bone of the rust and loosen it up. That makes it easier to remove it from the surface. This heat can melt ant buildup and debris from the cooking surface of the griddle.

2. Scrubbing Flat Surface of the Griddle

Now you need to take a few minutes to cool the griddle and then scrub it using a metal wire scraper. That is easily available in your nearest grocers store. Now continue scrubbing until all the rust goes on the upper of the surface like remove properly.

3. Drop Some Oil

Now drop (2 to 3 tbs) of oil on the griddle surface and then scrub using a scrubbing pad. Take a few minutes to remove the remaining rust that is available on the sides of the griddle. Well, this step also helps to remove that rust and get new polish on the surface. That look soo good for making a shine on the griddle.

4. Wipe Off the Surface

When you do that all steps that we will share with you. Then you need to check and make sure all the rust is gone from the surface. If you will get a rust-free surface then you need to wipe the surface using paper towels or an old piece of cloth and remove all the oil and rust from the griddle as it is possible.

5. Apply Drops of Oil Again

Now if you will get rust on the surface then don’t worry this method is also for you. Now you will need to clean again using the same method that you already did. (But if your surface is properly clean then you need to skip this option.)

You need to apply 2 to 3 tbs of oil on the griddle surface and then scrub using a scrubbing pad. Then you need to remove all the rust until all the rust comes on the upper level. Then use a paper towel or an old cloth to remove and clean the griddle surface.

6. Season the Griddle

When you are done cleaning rust from the surface then you need to season it to prevent rust in the future. It’s very easy to season the griddle you need a cooking device like a frying pan with heat and oil to create a nonstick corrosion-resistant surface.

Then apply a few drops of olive oil to the surface of the griddle and heat it for about 30 minutes. When the surface is fully blacked let the griddle cool repeat this step 2 to 3 times and make sure you will do the seasoning process properly.

Last Step

When all things are done then you need to apply more oil to the surface and keep it. When the griddle is cool down. Now you need to store it in a place where you want. After that, you easily cook again. But whenever you will get a rusty griddle then you need to clean it for public health.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do some users have questions about How Do You Get Rust off a Commercial Griddle? Then we will give you answers to all of your important and most asked questions. We hope you will get all answers below that you need to get the best decision.

How do you clean a griddle that has rust on it?

It's very simple to do that you just need to heat up and clean with a scrubbing pad or steel wire that is mostly used for scrubbing. And use oil to clean and scrub again until all the rust goes on.

How Do You Get Rust off a Commercial Griddle-Conclusion

We hope you know how you can easily clean the commercial griddle and remove rust from it. It’s very simple to do that you just need to heat up and clean with a scrubbing pad or steel wire that is mostly used for scrubbing. And use oil to clean and scrub again until all the rust goes on.

If you still have any questions or suggestions related to this article. Then you need to comment below we will help you to understand the best option to clean the rust griddle.

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