How To Season an Electric Smoker? (Updated in 2022)

How To Season an Electric Smoker: If you don’t know electric smokers are the best level smokers in the market. Because that provides an easy and quick-fire option. Now if you have an electric smoker then it’s very easy for you to grill your food instantly.

Seasoning or curing an electric smoker means you run the smoker without any food. Today in this article we will give you all guides for seasoning an electric smoker. Now you need to know why it is important to season your new smoke. How you can make your new smoker season for the first time?

How To Season an Electric Smoker?

Some steps take you the way to season your new electric smoker. First of all, you need to check the assembly and prepare the smoker. After that coat cooking oil on the internal surface of the smoker. The third step is to start the smoker fourth add some wood chips and the final step is to finish your electric smoker.

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Assemble and Prepare the smoker

Now the first step is for you to assemble the smoker. When you first time buys an electric smoker then you will get an unassembled smoker with different parts. So, you need to assemble all the parts correctly to make a real smoker. There is no problem for you to assemble the smoker.

Why? because you will get all the information from the user manual guide. Where you will get all details on how you can assemble the smoker using all parts. Screw all the parts of the smoker in the correct position where required. After doing that you need to clean the smoker using a soft cloth.

Completely wipe the smoker from both sides internal and external. When you first time placing your smoker you will need to wash it properly without living anything. Because when you smoker first time then you will get some paint flavor in the meat. That’s why you need to clear it properly.

Coat oil on the Interior Surface

Now it’s another step for you to do before going further. Read the brand instruction that is available in the user manual. Because some brands don’t recommend you to coat the oil from inside of the smoekr that you are using.

Well, if your smoker brand allows you then go for this next step. Now you need to apply cooking oil to all the smokers from inside. There are some different ways to apply oil using a spray bottle. You can also use a cloth to dip into the oil and apply it. Just use a bit of oil not use too much oil that causes unwanted stains after seasoning.

One more important thing is, that it’s not necessary to use oil on the water tray, chip tray, or heating elements. Now apply oil to all the racks and put them back into the smoker.

Start Smoking

Now you need to plug the electric smoker into the electric city power outlet without using external cable use directly. And then find the top vent and open it and keep it open during the seasoning. Set the higher temperature of your smoker at about 275F and take some time to heat up for about 3 hours.

Add Wood Chips

After completing the seasoning process you need to add wood. The recommended time is about 1 hour. But it also depends on the wood that you add to the smoker. When 1 hour is completed then add 10 to 12 wood chips into the smoker chips try. take 20 minutes more and again add 10 to 12 chips.

You need to complete this process in 3 hours after 20 minutes you can easily increase the wood chips. Also, an important part of the smoker is you need to focus on the ashtray because ash is the source of smoke that seasons the smoker.

Finish your Electric smoker

This is the final step after completing the 3 hours of seasoning your electric smoker. You need to turn your smoker off and remove all the ashes from the tray. Now you need to take some time to cool it down and then clean it. After that, you can easily grill your favorite food in this smoker without any problem.

Why Do We Need to Season New Smokers?

If you have a new smoker that you first start using it. Then you just need to season it before cooking your food on it. The second means you need to fire up your smoker without food inside. The smoker needs to produce fire without food that makes a black coating on the internal side.

This method should remove any residue such as oil and dust from your smoker. Because when your smoker comes out from the manufacturing process then you need to heat up without food. When it comes to preparing food then you need to take some time for your smoker to heat up and give you a real taste.

Because when you buy a new smoker then you need to make your smoker a regular using product. When you don’t season your smoke then you will get smell bad from your food. So, make sure to properly season your smoker before using it. After that, you’ll get clean smoke every time without any problem.

When you are wiping the smoker from inside then make sure not to scratch the surface of the smoker. It’s very easy to do season to your smoker without any problem. You just need to clean the smoker from the inside using a soft cloth that protects the outside of the smoker.

All the protections are available on the user manual guide that you will get with your smoker. When you first time to cleaning it then you need to do it properly with deep care. Because when you start seasoning your smoker then you need to take care of all things and don’t scratch the internal side of the smoker.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do some users have questions about How To Season an Electric Smoker? Then we will give you answers to all of your important and most asked questions. We hope you will get all answers below that you need to get the best decision.

How an electric smoker works?

Electric smoekr work using electric city and also with wood chips you need to fill wood chip into the box and start a fire using electric city. It will give you an instant higher temperature.

How long do you season an electric smoker?

Well, normally it will take up to 3 hours and you need to put wood chips time by time. But if you are in hurry then you can easily take 2 hours and season it and then use it after cleaning it.

How To Season an Electric Smoker-Conclusion

Well, here is all the information about how to season an electric smoker. If you are a new user and buying your first electric smoker. Then you need to know how you can season your smoker. Because whenever you buy a smoker you need to do a season and then grill your food on it.

How to use an electric smoker for beginners? Well, if you want to use an electric smoker then you need to season the smoker first and then use it. If you still have any questions related to this article then comment below we will give you an answer and help you.

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