How To Use a Smoke Tube? (2022)

How To Use a Smoke Tube: Well, we love to have barbecue parties and always try to do new things with food. Like, make delicious food daily now there are lots of ways to make or grill meat. Normally people use a smoker grill for grilling delicious and juicy meat for their family members.

Today we will help you to understand What is smoker tube and how you can use it for grilling your meat. Always you need to try different ways to make your food. Now we will give you a new way (If you don’t know it’s a very popular way to use a smoker tube in a grill.) to make grilled meat.

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What is a Smoker Tube?


Before learning how to use a smoker tube you need to know. What smoker tube is. You can get the best Smoker Tube Ideas Here.

The Smoker Tube is a perforated metal container that carries wood chips or wood pellets for the smoke generator. You can say it’s a smoke generator. The smoker tube is similar to the smokebox and foil box. The Smoker Tube will design with metal for long-lasting when you light it after putting pellets in the tube. This smoker tube is very easy to use you can use this with any grill or smoker that you want like a gas smoker, cold smoker, etc.

How To Use a Smoker Tube for Cheese in a Pellet Smoker or Gass Grill


If you don’t know the process of using a smoker tube is a pellet grill. Then don’t worry it’s very easy to do that you just need to know how you can do that. All you need to do is when you think it’s time to start grilling and make something delicious. Then you need to fill the smoker tube with pellets.

You need to set up the tube vertically and light it up. Now you need to put the lid of your smoker down and weigh for 10 to 15 minutes. When you see the flame properly start then you can start the barbecue and enjoy your delicious meat. If you have any problem understanding then you need to check the proper steps one by one to understand.

  1. In step one, need to fill the tube with pellets, or wood that you use for the smoker.
  2. Tabe the smoker tube on the flat surface to make sure all pellets are suttle.
  3. Need to add all pellets properly if you see any empty places you need to fill more pellets.
  4. Now set up the smoker tube vertically into the smoker.
  5. Light it using any products like lighter.
  6. Let’s weigh for burning for at least 8 to 10 minutes.
  7. When you see the flame is enough for burning then start making food.

How Cold Smoke Tube Works

Smoke Tube

Now some users have problems with this how it will work in a cold smoker tube. So, you need to know. Now you need to blow out the fire and position the tube in the smoking area where you want to grill. Depending on the length of the pellet tube will and normally it will take to burn for 2-5 hours.

How to Use a Smoke Tube in a Traeger with Wood chips


There are two different ways to use a tube in a Traeger smoker. First of all, you need to repair the meat for grilling and start the upper process that we will give you. Whenever you want to use a tube you need to put pellets or wood chips into the tube. Then you can easily burn it using a lighter.

If you use wood chips in a Traeger smoker you need to put the tube on some grill where you place your meat. Then you can easily grill your meat from the side and upper. Because the tube burns very fast and has a long-lasting burning time without any problem.

But if you want to use only a tube for grilling your meat and making barbecue. Then you need to put your tube on the down grill. As you know smokers have two or three grills. When you want to make a barbecue then you can place the burning tube on the below grill and put your meat on the upper grill.

some users asked questions about how to use a smoker tube on a charcoal grill or in an electric smoker? So, It’s very easy to use in an electric smoker or charcoal grill without any problem. As you use a gas smoker you can also use an electric smoker. You just need to put pellets into the tube and place them into the electric smoker. Then start your barbecue without any problem.

When You Need To Use a Smoke Tube?

You can use a tube whenever you want to add a smokey flavor to your meat. It is also great on a pellets grill for making slow BBQ. Now you can use this tube and get the same option and slow barbecue better than you will get in the cold smoker.

Also if you want high flame and quick BBQ then you can use this. But at that time you need to place this tube on some grill where you place your meat.

If you don’t want to use it on a higher flame and cold smoke experience. Then you need to use this tube generator to make a slow light flame grill experience with a new smoke flavor. That you didn’t get with the other smoke boxes and foil boxes.


People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do some users have questions about the How To Use a Smoke Tube. Then we will give you answers to all of your important and most asked questions. We hope you will get all answers below.

How long does a smoke tube last?

It all depends on the tube normally a large tube that is about 12 inches in length can take up to 5 hours for lasting.

What does a pellet smoker tube do?

The tube is a metal smoke generator that gives you low flame and long-time pellet-burning option. When you start BBQ then you need to place this tube into your smoker grill and grill your BBQ on it without any problem.

Are pellet tube smokers any good?

If you want low flame grilling benefits and also want a smoke flavor in your BBQ then you need to use this pellet tube. Because this is an amazing option for you to use for your food.

Where do you place a smoke tube?

There are two different positions where you can place your tube. If you start grilling on a smoker grill with wood chips. Then you need to place your tube on the upper grill where you place your food/ meat. But if you don't want to use wood chips you can easily place them on the 2nd grill and then place your meat on the 1st grill and make delicious BBQ.

Can I use wood chips in a smoke tube?

Yes! You can use wood chips in your tube and also use them in your smokers like electric, charcoal, and gas without any problem. There are lots of users who are using wood chips in tubes for making BBQ. But at that time you will get a fast-burning option than the pellets.

How do you stop a smoking tube?

If you want to stop smoking the tube then you need to do is spread both pellets and tube. Use an old spoon and any other products to separate both. The other option is you can use water and cold down the pellets.

How To Use a Smoke Tube – Wrapping it up

Well, using a tube is a very easy and reliable option for all users. You will get also smoking flavor in this smoker tube that you want to use. We hope you understand how you can use this without any problem. If you still struggling and worry about using this tube.

Then comment to us we love to help you to give you the right answer. That helps you to start grilling BBQ without any problem. If you ever use a tube then let us know how it worked for you in the comment section.

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