Vertical vs Horizontal Smokers: What Should You Buy?

Vertical vs Horizontal Smokers: Well, the smoker is the most important and the best tool for the kitchen. Whenever you want to make the food you just need to turn on the grill or smoker and start making your favorite meal for that day.

Lots of people don’t know which is the best option to buy a vertical or horizontal smoker. Because there are lots of brands that provide you with both types of smokers.

Now you need to take a decision which gives you the best options and also which one you should buy. We know it’s difficult to pick one of them without knowing the features and options that both provide you.

So, now in this article, we will help you to give the top features and options that both give you. Also, we will take the pros and cons of both vertical and horizontal smokers.

Vertical vs Horizontal Smokers

First of all, you need to know all the features and options that both smokers provide you. Because when you want to decide to buy a smoker then you need to know the features that you required in your smoker.

There are lots of factors in both smokers that you need. As you know many people required different features. Now we will give you all information, pros, and cons that help you to take better decisions. There are lots of people who have both smokers why? because they don’t know the features of both.

Now we will give you some options that you need step by step. It will give you better help to choose your favorite smoker.

How Much Cook Space Do Vertical And Horizontal Smokers Have?

First of all, you need to know the cooking space in both vertical and horizontal smokers. This is the most important feature of the cooking space. There is a difference between both smokers. The amount of space that you have for cooking is essential for you, When you have a big family or you like gathering then it’s most important for you.

Sometimes people forget the smoker for some inches why? Because they need large smokers for their families. So, how important cooking space is you know that. If you have a large gathering or big family then you must think about big smokers.

When you buy a vertical smoker then you will get different racks options. That helps you to grill one or more foods at one time without any problem. Which is an excellent feature for you to grill your food at a single time. But when you use gas or charcoal grilling then you don’t get proper cooking.

Difference between vertical and horizontal smoker

Because the bottom food cooks faster and the heat goes up slowly. That’s the making problem. The lack of space between the bottom cooking grate and the warming racks makes it difficult to turn or flip food on the bottom.

When you remove the warming racks from your vertical smoker. Then you will get a smaller space to grill your food in the smoker.

The horizontal smoker gives you spaces between the various racks that are considerably bigger. Normally in a horizontal smoker, you will get only one rack to add food and start cooking. You don’t need to remove the rack from your smoker. Because that gives you every time and every angle equal cooking and heating option.

Normally you can fit anything between the racks but when some brands have racks that are easily switchable all around the smoker then you like that smoker. The number of racks in vertical smokers is higher than in horizontal ones.

There are lots of vertical smokers available and known as three to-right racks. Because when you need a larger area to grill your food. Then in the vertical smoker, you will get increase the space by using more racks. So, there are lots of space available in the vertical smoker.

One more thing that you need to know is vertical smokers comes with glass door. But you can’t get a glass lid in the horizontal smoker. Also, you will get additional hooks in your vertical smokers.

Vertical smokers vs Horizontal smokers

So, the making thing that you need to know between both is. If you are finding the best smoker that I’ve you large food grilling space then we must recommend you, vertical smoker, Because that gives you higher space to grill more food in one time. Vertical vs horizontal offset smoker

But if you have a small family area you want to buy a smoker for yourself. Then we strongly recommend you are a horizontal smoker. Because that give you higher features and option.

Heat Distribution In Vertical And Horizontal Smokers?

This is another main factor that you need to know before choosing the best smoker for your daily use. When you start grilling or making food on a smoker. Then heat is distributed to all racks and this is crucial as you want a smoker that will evenly cook your food.

As you know vertical smokers are referred to as the king of smokers, because of good quality heating effects. Heating distribution is even as the heat moves all the smokers inside up and down equally.

That makes the consistent temperature in the smoker. That also helps you make more delicious food for yourself. No matter how much time it will take to grill your food but it will provide you equal heat in the smoker.

Horizontal smokers are the all-in-one package. Because they allow you to smoke, grill, and do other things with a smoker. These smokers give you burn pots in the center that produces higher heat at the center point. That’s why you can’t get better heating distribution.

That’s why most people don’t recommend you to buy a horizontal smoker because they can’t produce equal heat to the rack on all sides. And most of the time your meat with not fully cooked because of not getting the required heat from the horizontal smoker. Also, you can’t get low-temperature control in horizontal smokers.

Better Option

When you will get temperature fluctuation in vertical smoker you can easily change the racks from top to bottom. From the downside, you will get more smoky flavor with delicious meat flavor. And also it will make your meat tender for a long time. That’s why most people buy and recommend the best vertical smokers to buy.

Because they get lots of interesting features and options for vertical smokers. This is where a vertical smoker is handy. When you start for an hour you just need to start without any problem. And put the meat in lower racks that make quick grilling for you.

There are some best options for horizontal smokers. The problem comes when you have to add more fuel. Because when you set the temperature in a vertical smoker you will be disturbed, unlike a horizontal smoker. You can easily add fuel to the horizontal smoker. Why? because there are lots of areas preserved for pellets or any fuel that you use.

But on the other hand in vertical smokers, you need to add time to time when you start grilling. You need to be there when you are cooking in a vertical smoker. Because it will need attention. But verticals help to keep the internal temperature low and stable for a long time grilling food.

If you don’t want to add fuel again and again while grilling or smoking meat. Then we buy the horizontal smoker with closed eyes.

How Long do Both Take to Heat up?

Well, when you want to know who takes more to heat up for grilling. Then Horizontal smokers can take less time to heat than vertical almost half time. That is the greatest point that takes you to the horizontal smoker. Because when you see the vertical smoker you will get a huge chamber that takes a longer time to heat up.

But on the other hand, horizontal smokers can take less time because they give you small space with one rack or two racks option. It cooks food very quickly and incredible time. When you want a quick grilling then horizontal smokers are the best choice for you because of their quickness.

Is A Vertical Smoker Easier to Use Than A Horizontal Smoker?

Well, vertical smokers are recommended for beginners because they can be easy to use and grill. On the other hand, horizontal smokers are huge and beginners can confuse about how they can use and add fuel. Whatever the fuel type is but it can be difficult to use rather than vertical.

Whenever you start buying your first smoker then you need to think about vertical smokers. Because when you need easy to use smoker that provides you with some most important accessories that you required and a small number of accessories that you can easily understand where you need to use them. Also, vertical smokers can take less fuel for heating and take a long time to heat up.

Important Features Vertical And Horizontal Smokers Have

There are lots of important and reliable features that you need to know about both smokers vertical and horizontal. Some great feature is that a vertical smoker has a glass door. That allows you to check the food while grilling without opening the door. But this feature only comes with a few models of vertical smokers.

You can easily adjust the temperature when you will get the whole visible food into the smoker. These smokers also have inbuilt light for nighttime grilling. And also these smokers make it more convenient for you than horizontal smokers. Vertical smokers offer slow flame cooking food options.

That takes too long to completely burn fuel. So, that makes a better choice for you. But you are the person who wants a multipurpose thing like a grilling smoker and more options. Then horizontal smokers are the best option for you to buy.

Do Vertical And Horizontal Smokers Cost The Same?

Well, as you know two brands do not give you the same price then how you can expect two different types of smokers to give you the same price. Most people have this answer. But the making thing before buying a smoker is budget. So, if you have a tight budget then we give you vertical smoker suggestions.

Because vertical smokers are cheaper than horizontal smokers. Normally vertical smokers are very cheaper than horizontal smokers. Lots of people think that cheaper price items price low-quality options. But you don’t need to worry about it. Because you can’t judge a cheap smoker is not good only because they are less expensive.

When you go to the market then you know that all vertical smokers are comparatively cheaper than horizontal smokers.

Now you think that is why horizontal smokers are so expensive. Then the simple answer is when a new product comes into the market. At that time you will get on higher price. Horizontal smokers are new in the market that’s why they are more expensive than vertical smokers.

Which is Better Vertical or Horizontal Smoker?

Horizontal smokers are great for grilling and when you want to use multiple things like roasting and more options. There are very good smokers available on the list of horizontal smokers.

Vertical smokers are also great smokers but they can’t give you grilling options. Vertical smokers are far superior smokers that give you superior features. That’s why you will have to think about what you want from those smokers.

If you want the best grilling smoker then horizontal smokers are the best option for you. But if you like optimal temperature controls and the best smokers then vertical smokers are the better option for you.

How Much Space Do Vertical And Horizontal Smokers Take?

As you know smokers can take large and small spaces to place and start grilling or cooking. Vertical smokers have a big chamber than horizontal smokers. But the making thing that you need to know is vertical smokers come with uplifted positions like standing.

On the other hand, horizontal smokers come with lay-down positions. That’s why horizontal smokers can take large space to place. Horizontal smokers are heavy duty so, it’s difficult to carry horizontal smokers with you whenever you go for a picnic.

But on the other hand, vertical smokers are very small size compact size. So, you can easily take them with you anywhere you want without any problem. Because they are lightweight and also come with a vertical standing design.

How Much Fuel Do Both Smokers Use?

Fuel is the most important thing for you when you buy a smoker. Because vertical smokers are often compact in construction so, they do not require a lot of fuel to start and cook your food. Whenever you buy a vertical smoker then you don’t need to worry about fuel because they can take less fuel than horizontal smokers.

Horizontal smokers can take more fuel to heat up because they required higher heating fuel consumption. In horizontal smoker heat quickly move upward that’s why they need more fuel to maintain their internal temperature. When you need a higher temperature inside then you also need to use more fuel.

Well, horizontal smokers are very heavy on your pocket because of more fuel consumption. But if you want a more fuel-efficient smoker then you need to choose a vertical smoker rather than a horizontal smoker that takes much fuel.

It also depends on your cooking need because when you need to cook too much. Then you also need to use fuel. But in a horizontal smoker, you can use more fuel than vertical. Because vertical smokers can manage the same temperature for a long time and also burn fuel for a long time.

If you are using pellets then you just need to fill the pellet box with wood pellets. Then you don’t need to worry about anything. Just stay them for making exect temperature. And take some time to burn pellets and maintain internal temperature or enough fuel. Just stay vertical smoker cooking after some time when you need then add more pellets.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do some users have questions about Vertical vs Horizontal Smokers. Then we will give you answers to all of your important and most asked questions. We hope you will get all answers below.

Is a vertical smoker any good?

Well, vertical smokers are recommended for beginners because they can be easy to use and grill. On the other hand, horizontal smokers are huge and beginners can confuse about how they can use and add fuel. Whatever the fuel type is but it can be difficult to use rather than vertical.

What do you use a vertical smoker for?

Vertical smokers are only use for cooking or smoking food. There is no other option in vertical smokers like grilling or roasting or other that you will get in horizontal smokers.


Here is all the information about vertical vs horizontal smokers that you need. Because when you think about better smokers in your budget. Then, first of all, you need to know which is the best smoker for you vertical or horizontal. We hope this information gives you a better thinking technique.

Now it’s time for you to decide which one you should buy. We have already given you all information about both vertical and horizontal smokers. As you know everyone has different requirements. So, it’s better to take a decision yourself.

We hope you like this information about both smokers type. If you still struggling with which one you should buy. Then you need to comment below we will help you to get the best option for your family.

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