What Happens If Charcoal Gets Wet?

Lots of people have questions about What Happens If Charcoal Gets Wet? Well, charcoal has many uses and is also used in grill the most important that I think everyone knows. When it comes to using charcoal then you need to keep it and maintained it in certain conditions.

Some people store charcoal in an airy and dry place to avoid moisturizing and other problems. That you are facing right now like coals are wet whatever the reason it like rain or you put on the water areas.

But now after reading this article you will be able to use charcoal after drying them. Also, you know what happens if your charcoal gets wet because of rain or any other problem. Most people don’t know how they can protect charcoal when they buy too many coals for getting lots of time grilling benefits without purchasing coals. Let’s have a look at detailed information about the wet charcoal problem that you’re facing.

Types Of Charcoal

Now we will give you an idea of how many types of charcoal are available in the market. Because this is important for you to know. If you are in hurry then read the information below about what happens if coal gets wet. Normally Briquettes charcoal is a more popular type of coals when it comes to grilling and uses by smokers.

Wet Charcoal

Briquettes Charcoal

Because these types of coals are comes in a cube shape and made from compacted wood that products like sawdust. There are lots of things included in this wood chips and paper along with chemical additives that help the coal to burn longer time. When it comes to BBQ than with lighter fluid you will get them to light faster without any problem.

When they produce ash then it’s very easy to clean out whenever you are done grilling. In this charcoal type, there is also a kind of chemical order at the beginning of its use. Make sure when you want to start grilling before some time of cooking you need to cover your charcoal in white ash.

You can easily get this type of charcoal; for under 1 to 2$ per pound. And also easily lightable because of the great material used in the coals.

Hardwood Charcoal

This type of charcoal is made from wood that burned slowly and also comes with the absence of oxygen. It produces the carbon product almost pure carbon that these types of coals produce. The moisture has been removed from the wood when you will get the result of clean-burning charcoal.

Because it’s more natural and clean carries charcoal produces more smoky flavors than other briquettes.

Source Charcoal

This is another type of charcoal that also produces fewer ashes so you don’t need to clean the fire grill as often which makes it better for you. It burned quickly and keep hotter than the briquettes. It helps you to cook higher temperature things such as hamburgers, hotdogs and also big pieces of meat. The price of these charcoals is a bit more expensive than briquettes about 2 to 3$ per pound.

Use Wet Charcoal

What Happens If My Charcoal Gets Wet?

Will, if you are an experienced griller then you know how you can store the charcoal properly. But if you are a new griller then you don’t know what to do. And for basically that reason, you will get wt charcoal. If that happenings to you then don’t worry. Because now we will give you some ideas and information about what to do next if you will get wet charcoals.

If you are an experienced griller then you also fought for some time. When our site has heavy rain. At that time you don’t even know what to do next is it usable or not. So, the simple answer is yes you can use charcoal if they wet. But you need to do something before firing them.

Charcoal Wet

When the charcoal gets wet. Then moisture seeps into the briquettes or lump charcoal that you want to use. That makes it impossible to light. (Don’t worry go further we have some advice for you.) Wet charcoal that does catch fire will likely produce too much smoke and will burn out much more easily and quickly.

If your charcoal is a little wet then you can easily dry them out in the heavy sunshine. So, if you want to use wet charcoal then you need to dry them properly and heat them in a pan. Then it’s possible to fire them into the grill or smoker.

Can You Use Charcoal After It Has Gotten Wet?

It depends on how much the coal is wet. There are different types of wet that your charcoal. Because sometime coals are forgotten on the outside on a rainy day. Or sometimes they get moisturized because of water near them. When charcoal may either be able to be used with little or no effect so, you can easily light them.

The normal wet can easily be able to use. Like when you stored them and only drizzled on by the rain. Then you have good chances to fire them and start grilling on charcoal. But you need to dry them out and then use them. When you buy high-quality briquettes. Then you don’t need to worry about little wet. But if you have low-quality briquettes charcoals then you don’t fire them.

How To Dry It Out

When charcoal is wet then the first thing that comes to your main is can we use them? So, the simple answer is yes you can use them if your charcoal is a little wet and also have high-quality material. Then you can use them easily and fire but before that, you need to dry them. But people also don’t know how to dry them.

So, you don’t need to worry about it because we are here to help you to dry charcoal. You just need to think about how to dry the different types of charcoal. If they will be able to reuse. Then you just need to dry them and use them again whenever you want. But the main thing for you is to dry them. Let’s take a look at some options to dry charcoal.

Dry Charcoal

The simple and easy way to dry charcoal is to place it in direct sunlight. So, you can dry them directly in front of the sun. Take a few hours to completely dry out. if you have no time to do that. Then the best option is to put it into the pan and heat them. This is the type of indirect heat that does not damage coals but help to dry them easily.

This is a costly way but has effective very quickly. Then you can easily use it. If you will get too much wet like you forget the chaos outside and when you see the coals are into the water. Then it’s very difficult to dry them.

So, at that time it’s better to buy a new one. But if you have too many charcoals outside then you need to use a sunlight way that helps you better. At that time you have very less chances to fix them or dry them.

Way To Store Charcoal

If you want to save your charcoal from wetting or raining. Then the best thing is to store them to avoid wetness. You need to store coal properly if you want to use it for a long time. Some people buy charcoals because they don’t want to buy them again and again. They can buy a large number of charcoals.

Now the main problems come to them how to store them to avoid rain and moisturize. Make sure to store charcoal in a waterproof technique. When you complete the grilling then don’t level charcoal into the grill. Put it back into a safe place like an air-tight container or a packing bag.

You can also store them in your garage or basement. Try to keep your charcoal box out of the ground. Place on above any place like on a stand or rack. That will prevent the charcoal from water and moisturizing.

What Happens If Charcoal Gets Wet?-Conclusion

Let’s go to a conclusion. It’s very easy to use again wet charcoal on your grill or smoker. But you need to know how much coals are wet. If you will get more wet coals then you need to use the fire option that we will suggest to you. Like use the pan and put them into the pan and heat for dry. Then you can use them on your grill.

But if they get a little wet then you need to use the sun heating technique. That helps you much better and also this method is free. You just need to put charcoal into a try and place into direct in front of fun.

We hope you will get all the information about what happens when charcoal gets wet. If you like all information then share this blog with your friends who want to know about wet coals.

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